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Necklace and Earrings


This intricate design in Pink, features small hand painted porcelain beads. Notice the convenient front closure with a crocheted button in the same yarns. Many hours of work went into the design and the creation of this one of a kind, intricately constructed necklace with cotton embroidery thread.

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Hand made free-form crochet and knitting allow me follow my artistic voice while providing unique and original wearable art for my clients. Free form is a one of a kind technique where I can express my imagination, and demonstrate my knowledge of stitches and skills.

Further it is a method of creating unique pieces by using a variety of patterns, dimensions, stitches, textures and colors.

This work is very labor intensive from the design process through the many hours of skillful work. My Freeform includes 2-d and 3-D adornment, garments, wall hangings, accessories, jewelry and more. The jewelry is often worked in bead crochet using silk, cotton or wool with glass beads. The bags, hats and scarves are worked in different types of crochet, knitting and felting using a variety of yarns in modular forms. I usually start out with a general idea of what the piece will be, but never completely kno,w until we (me and the piece) are finished.

All of my yarn work is made a clean and smoke free environment in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington State and read to ship to you.

General Care

1. Use water tepid water, never above 100F (40C)

2. Use a mild shampoo (that you use for your hair) like a baby shampoo or a very mild soap (Eucalan would be perfect if available).

3. Prepare a bowl of shampoo (about a tsp.) + water, shake the piece inside this mixture very gently for a few minutes (by using your finger tips) then rinse within a bowl of clean water by shaking gently.

4. Rinse as needed until the water is clear of soap

5 – Lie flat on a towel to dry. (not in the sun)

6. When it is dry, you can iron (lowest temperature) from the back side of the piece. Use a thin cotton fabric in between the iron and the piece.

Always store your piece flat in a dry, darker place. UV from the sun is very harmful to fibers over a period of time.

A copy of the appropriate detailed instructions will accompany your piece.

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